Chromite Flour

Chromite flour is a naturally occuring spinel consisting primarily of the oxides of chrome and iron.

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Chromite Flour is a naturally occuring spinel consisting primarily of the oxides of chrome and iron.


Item Unit Index
Cr2O3 % ≥46.0%
SiO2 % ≤1.0%
FeO % ≤26.5%
CaO % ≤0.30%
MgO % ≤10.0%
Al2O3 % ≤15.5%
P % ≤0.003%
S % ≤0.003%
Cr/Fe 1.55:1
Bulk Density g/cm³ 2.5-3
Color / Black
PH / 7-9
The amount of the acid / ≤ 2 ML
Percent soil % ≤0.1
Percent Moisture % ≤0.1
The sintered 1600
Percentage of free acid present in the sand % 0
filling density g/cm³ 2.6
sintering point °C > 1,800
melting temperature °C 2,180


In manufacturing stainless steel and alloy steel

The abrasive resistance and corrosion resistance of stainless steel and alloy steel can be improved through adding certain chromite flour.


In refractory industry

Chromite flour usually is used for making high chrominum refactory bricks which are used in internal coating of high temperature furnace and stove.


In pigment and coating

Chromite flour is a main mineral pigment,to produce green pigment and chrome yellow pigment.besides,chromite powder can be added in coating to increase the color and weather ability of coating.


In plastic and rubber

To increase plastic and rubber’s intensity,hardness and abrasive resistance,chromite flour will be added in plastic and rubber.


In electronic material

Chromite flour can be used in electronic material such semiconductor materials and magnetic material,adding maderate chromite powder can enhance electrical conductivity,magnetism and high-temperature resistance.


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