ZA Zirconia Fused Alumina

Zirconia Fused Alumina is produced in a high temperature electrical arc furnace by fusing zirconium quartz sand and alumina.

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ZA Zirconia Fused Alumina

Chemical Composition(%)


Physical Properties

Crystal FormMonoclinic,tetragonal system
Reaction with acid and alkalino
Reaction with carbonForming carbide since 1650C
True Density4.20g/cm3
Bulk Density2.18g/cm3
Moh’s hardness9.0
Knoop hardness1450-2000kg/cm2
Melting point1900C
Maximum service temperature1700C
Specific heat capacity(cal/g.C)0.2205(50-500C)
Heat conductivity0.2718 cal/cm2.sec.C
Linear expansivity(X10-6)6.82(100-700C)

Main Applications

1.Making zircon fused alumina brick and building materials

2.Used for making bonded abrasives products,and process of grinding,sandblasting,surface treatment of metal products and other materials.

3.With good melt erosion resistance,Zirconia fused alumina has good grinding effect on steel,iron casting,heat resistant steel and other alloy materials.

4.Zirconia fused alumina can be made for heavy duty Zirconia fused alumina grinding wheel,snagging,cutting disc,Fiber disc,grinding rails,high speed abrasive belts etc

5.Used for making coated abrasives products,

6.Used for making lapping paste,polishing wax,emery cloth,sandpaper etc

7.Zirconia fused alumina is primarily used for steel conditioning wheels, snagging wheels, large diameter cut-offs and other grinding applications that require high speed and pressure. It’s also is recommended for refractories that require a high resistance to environmental corrosion and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Applications include slide gates, glass tank refractories, and other applications requiring resistance to molten slags.

Available Sizes

F grits for Bonded Abrasives


P grits for Coated Abrasives




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