Zirconium Silicate powder 325mesh

Zirconium Silicate is generally found inland of ancient coastlines, some of which can be found very far inland, where the heavier mineral sands formed hardened deposits.




Zirconium silicate powder 325mesh

Typical Chemical Analysis of Zirconium silicate powder 325mesh

ZrO2+HfO2 65.0-66.5%
Fe2O3 0.04-0.07%
TiO2  0.09-0.19%
Al2O3 0.40-0.90%
P2O5 0.06-0.09%
SiO2(Total) 32.2-33.2%
Free SiO2(as quartz) 0.25-0.45%
U 200-230PPM
Th 150-170PPM

Physical Properties of Zirconium silicate powder 325mesh

Refractive inde 1.93 to 2.01
Specific Gravity 4.6-4.71g/cm3
Mohs Hardness 7.5-8
Melting point 2340-2550℃

Particle size distribution

Passing rate -45um ≥95%

Main applications:

Foundry ceramics chemicals glass refractory abrasive washing/cleaning/blasting and nuclear industry etc

Available Sizes

60-100mesh 80-120mesh 100-200mesh 200-325mesh 200mesh 270mesh 325mesh 2000mesh AFS70 AFS90 AFS110

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